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Renaults are very suitable for adjustments and they can be tailored, for every purpose. Cars adapted for wheelchairs, tractors with a different gauge, trucks built for special jobs: no problem. In this way nice, special Renaults appear. But, there are more special cars: Renaults built for particular markets or particular countries. The Renault Clio Thalia is a good example as well as the Renault C-series. These nasal trucks are a rarity in the Netherlands, Germany, or in the UK. I have found some more. Come and have a look….

Adapted vehicles

4cv Jolly Beachwagon

2015, MRAP Higuard Police

2015, Midlum Police

2015, VAB Police

2015, Sherpa Police

R25 uitvaartauto

Super Van Cinq

Saviem 3 wheel/roues R5 combi

Safrane Grand Tour Heulliez

Midliner XXL cabine MIDS Midlum Security and Public order vehicle truck Renault Trucks Defense Milipol 2011

Grand Kangoo wheel chair transport

R5 Crespi Spiagia Argentina R5 Macadier

Premium Brandweer ladderwagen

automoteur zelfrijdende landbouwspuit

1988, Megabus

VXB 170

Kerax 8x8

Kerax 4x4 Policia

Sherpa 3A Grand Volume

R25 Break EBS

Midlum ATK  Garage Antoine

Renault Dodge RB44 camping-car

Master camping-car

Master minibus

Balayeuse de 1913

Sapeurs-pompiers des années 20

Estafette camping-car

Trafic camping-car

S110-07 depannage cabine double

PPM C280

Express wheel chair transport

85-150 T 4x4 Sinpar camion citerne feux de forêts

 Renault AE camion chevaux

ME 150-09 4x4 camion citerne feux de forêts

M210-12 4x4 camion citerne feux de forêts Turc

Master police Allemande

Laguna Douane

Master ambulance Malta

Benetton Playlife formule 1 team Magnum

Scenic Sapeurs pompiers, Texel, NL

Midlum Sapeurs pompiers

Kangoo wheel chair transport

Kangoo TPG Post

R20 Ambulance

  Scénic RX4 Carabinieri

Market limited products

2016 Lodgy, India 2016 Kaptur, Rusland, Russia Mack FR1, USA
Renault FR1 3-axle, USA 2016 Kwid Racer, India 2016 Kwid Climber, India
2015 Kwid, India 2015 Clio II, Brasil/South America 2013 Renault Logan
Lutecia, Japan 2012 Clio II, Brasil 2012 Scala, India
2012 Pulse, India Renault Duster, Argentina & Brasil Trafic Rodeo, Argentina
103 Tracfor wit, markt: Frankrijk 70 Emeraude Tracfor wit, markt: Frankrijk 110-14 Tracfor wit, markt: Frankrijk

 Thalia (Clio classic), Polska, Slovakia, Russia & other east European countries C-serie, o.a Frankrijk, Spanje en Portugal

  2007 Sandero; Brazilië

Limited editions

  1993, Williams F1 Renault FW15c CVT 2012, Pope goes green, electric Kangoo
2012, Twingo RS Red Bull RB7 1981-1983, R4 Jeep DALLAS Grandin 1979, Renault 12 Alpine
2010 Magnum "Cape to cape" 2010 Magnum "Route 66" 2010 Magnum "Route 66"
Twingo trophy V8 Schuine gebouwde R25, Erwin Wurm, Kunstenaar, Oostenrijk 1990, 97-54 TS R7802, 2x prototype
Clio Swiss champion Clio 16v Clio 16s
Clio Ragnotti Renault 5 6x6 1994 Twingo V10 de virage
1974, Allis Chalmers vs. Renault 1451 110-14 Série speciale Magnum Williams

Clio Williams Espace F1  Twingo Benetton

Rare vehicles

  Saviem JK Titan (R-serie cabine)
Titan (Kerax cabine, Magnum grille) Saviem SM Sinpar Trouillet BRI Renault

Cemet Renault

Magnum Lemarechal

Matenin Renault

Saviem 8x4 PPM 3003

PPM C380 G-serie

Sovam G230 met straalmotor

PPM C580 G-serie

Cemet TX-knikdumper

Comet c18t Renault G-serie

 Nicolas speciaal transporttrekker met Premiumcabine

 Renault SF-systems

Ares 640 Trike

Gepantserde Kerax

Titan Hercules Magnum 480 6x4 Wrecker

Manager metaalvervoer

Fun cars

2016, Twizy Beej Benders, Venlo

R4 Bamboo

verlengde R16

super Super 5

2011, Renault 4 F6 "Saline4fun" Salt Lake City speed week

Renault 4 F6

Espace topline (Espagne, Spain)

Saviem S53

1998 Espace Sbarro Pace Car Le Mans

4cv met petje en bril Siamese 4-tjes Cartoon R5

Pattex R5  Siamese 5-jes Cartoon R19


Magnum autocar by Rascal

Magnum by Rascal

Magnum Longline by Rascal


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