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Renault was the first automobile designer who designed and produced light aeroplane engines. In November 1907 an 8-cylinder engine was introduced on a car show. It was an air-cooled version, which for the time being, showed a record relation between weight and power. Aircraft constructors go an mass for it. From 1908 to 1914 eighteen aircraft constructors appeal to Renault for the building of some 49 different types of airplanes. Some of them: Farman, Bréguet en Caudron. The engines were solid, smoothly en efficient. Reason enough to equip two out of the five squadrons, which were founded in 1905, with Renault engines. As a consequence of changes during WW-I a new task was given to the air force: bombing and tracing. For this kind of missions more powerful engines were needed, therefore the Renault engines, built in mass-production for this task, produced at first 220 hp, then 300 hp and at the end of the war even 600 hp. After the war it had to be proved that aeroplanes also were able to transport people and postal items over long-distances. In 1919 the 300 hp Renault engines broke record after record; altitude, time and reliability. With the use of Bréguet aeroplanes the first overseas postal communication between France and Morocco was carried out in the same year. In 1922 a Farman-Goliath, with the same 300 hp Renault engine took off with no less than 4200 litre petrol and 300 litre oil on board. This aeroplane flew 34 hours, 14 minutes and 7 seconds non stop in large circles around Le-Bourget airport, and in 1928 Jean Mermoz flies over the Andes Mountains with a Latécoère, also supplied with a Renault engine. In 1930 Renault buys the aeroplane constructor Caudron. Three years later the Airline Companies Air France (with Renault as shareholder) and Air Blue see the light of day. Both companies use Caudron-Renault Simoun planes, designed by Marcel Riffard. The trading partnership Renault-Avion has been founded in 1935. The Caudron-Renault was a refined and elegant aeroplane. Great pilots of this period were Raymond Delmotte, Hélène Boucher and Maurice Arnour; they all shine on board of their plane. After the war Renault carries on with the motorization of aeroplanes, such as the Fouga and Morane-Saulnier machines. In the mid-nineties Renault Sport cooperates with Aerospatiale and is using the knowledge of formula I engines for the production of light aircraft, which have a capacity that varies from 180 till 300 hp four-cylinders.

1910 Farman Renault MF7 1911 Farman Renault F11 1915 Farman Renault MF11
Lioré et Olivier Le0 H-133 1915 Farman Renault 1916 Breguet Michelin type B2
1916 Breguet Renault BR14 12 Fcx 1918 Breguet BR17 +/- 1920 Farman Goliath
1921 Latécoère Late 8 1922 Breguet Renault BR19 1922 Breguet Renault 19
1923 Latécoère Late 14 1923 Farman Renault F70 1924 Latécoère Late 14-2
Latécoère Late 17 1927 Latécoère Late 26 1929 Latécoère Late 25
Latécoère Late 28 1930 Latécoère L28 Renault 127b 1931 Caudron C232
1931 Caudron C272 1932 Caudron R300 1932 Caudron C360
1933 Caudron C282 Phalène 1933 Caudron C362 1933 Caudron C366
1933 De Stampe SV-4 1934 Caudron C400/C401 Phalène

1934 Caudron C410 Phalène

1934 Caudron C430 1934 Caudron C450 1934 Caudron C460
1934 Caudron C480 1934 Caudron C490 1934 Caudron C500
1934 Caudron C510 Pélican (4Pei Bengali) 1934 Caudron C520 1934 Caudron C530 Rafale (4Pei Bengali)
1935 Caudron C440/C441 Goéland 1935 Caudron C560 1935 Caudron C561

1935 Caudron C580/C581

1935 Caudron C600 1936 Caudron C275

Caudron C286/9 Phalène (Bengali)

  1936 Caudron C444/C445/C448 Goéland
1936 Caudron C461 1936 Caudron C630 1936 Caudron C635 Simoun
1936 Caudron C640

1936 Caudron C680/C685/C690

1936 Caudron C710

1936 Caudron C712 1936 Caudron C730

Caudron C714 C1 Cyclone (12R 03)

1937 Caudron C714 cyclone 1937 Caudron C850 1938 Caudron C760
1938 Caudron C860 1938 Caudron C870 1938 Caudron C880
1939 Caudron C770 1939 Caudron C900 1939 Caudron C910
1940 Caudron C449/C449-1/C449-4 Goéland 1941 Caudron C920 1941 Caudron C960
1942 Caudron C800/C800A 1942 Caudron C810/C811 1942 Caudron C447 Goéland
1943 Caudron C446 Goéland

1942 Caudron C820

1949 Dassault MD 311 Flamant Snecma-Renault
1949 Dassault MD 312 Flamant Snecma-Renault 1949 Dassault MD 315 Flamant Snecma-Renault 1995 Renault Sport & Aerospatiale

1995 Aerospatiale Trinidad

1999 Aerospatiale Aeromag

2004 Renault & Boeing


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