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I was able to create this site with help from:

Renaultoloog is a hobby initiative (est. 2004) with its main purpose to bring back EVERYTHING from Renault together again.  On this website you can find ALL Renault products and you will get an impresion of how I and many other people experience Renault. Besides this online platform we do organize a festival every 2 years with EVERYTHING from Renault.

© Renaultoloog and copyright. I did my utmost to mention everyone I got information from. Some are only mentioned on the site and others may also have a link to their property, on which you can find more information about a certain subject or about a particular type Renault. You are free to use their products and services too. References are to be found at the bottom of every page. Please, inform me in case I might have forgotten to mention someone.

Part of the information (text and photo’s), put on this website, came from myself, but I also had to take a lot of information from the internet, books, magazines, cd-roms, encyclopaedia and leaflets. A large part of the used information comes from the Renault archives, accessible to me via Mr Tony Vos. I had not been able to create this site without the help from:

Tony Vos

Renault:  books, brochures, essays, internetsites, cd-roms, etc.

Truckstar - magazine (Sanoma Men's Magazines)

Formule 1 - magazine (Sanoma Men's Magazines)

Uitgeverij Atlas (Editions Rencontre)

Charge Utiles (French classics magazine)

Rainer W. Schlegelmilch (formula 1 connoisseur)

Andreas Gaubatz, Renault Klassik e.V, R.A.U.T.E.

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