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What exactly is it?



Renaultoloog is an hobby initiative of Ed (Eddy) Lenders (est. 2004 when Renault fell apart in 2003). The main issue of the Renaultoloog.nl & .com website is the brand Renault and it has evolved out of hobby and preference for the brand Renault. This website has no connections whatsoever with the Renault group or itís sister companies. I am not in the employ of the  Renault group. The website intends to pay a tribute to the brand Renault, as well as bringing together in an overview everything coming from, or ever made by Renault. The site is made by and for Renault devotees, and it is for informational purposes only. The website has been compiled with the utmost care and no rights can be derived from its contents. The shown pictures and data will be as truthful as the facts might be. In case of un-foreseen errors in the contents of the web pages, the Renaultoloog will not take any liability whatsoever. If possible, the error will be rectified as soon as possible.


Many links to other sites are mentioned on the Renaultoloog web pages. The links have been screened with the utmost care, but the Renaultoloog will not take any liability whatsoever for their contents. In case of broken links, they will be removed as soon as possible. To apply for a link is always possible, on condition that the contents match with the contents of the Renaultoloog web pages, and there must be the possibility of linking backward.

Personal Collection

Every model car, model car building sets and Renault related items shown on the site are owned by me and are not available for selling.

E-mail/Guest Book/Forum

E-mailing the Renaultoloog is open to anyone, and very important in the widening of the Renaultoloog network, giving more and more people the   opportunity to share as much information as possible. The Renaultoloog reserves the right to leave nameless e-mail unanswered. The same is the case if the contents of the mail lack clarity or donít match with the Renaultoloog site. Responding to the mail may take some time, owing to pressure of work of undersigned. After receiving an e-mail the sender agrees that the address will be added to the mailing list and the sender will receive for example the newsletter automatically. De verzamelde E-mail adressen worden uitsluitend gebruikt voor het informeren van Renaultliefhebbers. E-mail might be answered in a language different form the senderís language. The Renaultoloog reserves the right to remove messages from the guestbook/forum.

Privacy statement

De Renaultoloogwebsite is een site zoals alle andere die voorzien is van een bezoekersteller, cookies in de vorm van Google advertenties, HTML-banners met links enz. Alle data die deze items met zich meebrengen worden niet door Renaultoloog verzameld maar door externe partners. Data die wel door Renaultoloog verzameld word zijn e-mailadressen wanneer men reageert uit eigen initatief of middels aanmeldingen voor het Renaultoloog festival. De e-mail adressen worden louter gebruikt om mensen te kunnen blijven informeren over de stand van zaken rondom de Renaultoloog website en het Renaultoloog Festival. E-mail adressen worden niet aan derden gegeven of verkocht. Persoonsgegevens die worden ontvangen middels aanmeldingen voor het Renaultoloog Festival worden vrijwillig zelf door de betreffende personen aan Renaultoloog verstrekt. Deze gegevens worden alleen bij Renaultoloog bewaard voor onbepaalde tijd en niet doorgegeven of verkocht aan derden. Wilt u uw gegevens laten verwijderen uit de Renaultoloog database, stuur dan een e-mail naar: contact@renaultoloog.nl


You are not permitted to reproduce in any way the contents of the Renaultoloog web pages and its format without the written permission of the webmaster. The information used on the site has been taken over in trust of the legitimate owners, with no other purpose than the promotion of the brand Renault. Apart from that applies general copyright.

No rights whatsoever can be derived from this website

All changes reserved!

The Renaultoloog website is an unofficial part of the Renotoloog foundation, registerd at the chambre of commerce Limburg, Netherlands under number 51111349

Stichting Renotoloog: Renault Otologie initiatief

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